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     Album:2001:08-29 Burning Man

I went to Burning Man

There are some things in your life that are just too big to describe.

Maybe these photos will help, but I doubt it.

Camp Wedding photos are also available.

Camp Wedding
43 images
This is where I camped
up front and center on the Esplanade, thanks to the excellent and generous Scott and Kiki.
Image copyright 2001 Thom van Os ( comments)
Uh oh
Who brought this to Black Rock City? ( comments)
The Man at day
( comments)
Swizzly light exposure
of far away camps ( comments)
Night camps
across the Playa ( comments)
Walking on Infant?
the second road in from the Playa ( comments)
Walking the Esplanade
mountains in the distance ( comments)
My camp
exterior ( comments)
My camp
interior, with the magical folding bed (in the "folded down" for guests position) ( comments)
Magical folding bed
in the "strung out" position, for sleeping. (I hung a hammock to my van door, so when I closed the door it automatically made my bed for me :) ( comments)
Getting read for a dusty day
( comments)
The Playa
That's a massive kite in the sky, hooked to the winch of a Hummer ( comments)
Little Plastic Castles
This church was made from pieces of plastic from toys and whatnot, and they had a number of people actually married here (not to be confused with Camp Wedding) ( comments)
Man at day again
with the fire heart sculpture on the side ( comments)
One of my favorite pieces on the Playa (by Ben Niebauer) ( comments)
People visiting the Man
taken from the top of the first maze ( comments)
A jubilant green person
lost in the first maze, but probably not caring ( comments)
3D Maze
this maze had 3 floors (and a ceiling) ( comments)
You are in a maze of..ssages, all alike...
It was surprisingly hard to find the way to the top ( comments)
The Mausoleum
Made from plywood cutouts that were the trash of a toy plant (those flat dinosaur skeletons that you can put together) ( comments)
The Dice
Far on the outskirts of the playa is this fairly popular club ( comments)
I said it was far
Looking back from the dice. I think they move it further away each year to cut down on the crowding, but it doesn't help. ( comments)
Massive lion sculpture
Which I believe was burned towards the end of the week ( comments)
Looking out from camp
You can see two of the T-Rex walkers on the Esplanade. They had pipes that they used to make roaring dinosaur noises. ( comments)
Someone gliding into Black Rock City
( comments)
Scott and Kiki get married!
( comments)
Wedding mirth
( comments)
Solemn moments
( comments)
People climbing on the Thunderdome
Damn spots. It's hard to keep a camera clean on the Playa ( comments)
( comments)
Thunderdome action shot
( comments)
Preparing for attack
( comments)
Art cars driving around the Man at night
( comments)
Same shot without night exposure
( comments)
Wild lit-up camps
taken from the Playa ( comments)
Ring of fire
There was a steel structure on the Playa that was on fire - and the Man in the background ( comments)
Naked red people climbing the Thunderdome
( comments)
Night of The Burn
Fire dancers around the Man ( comments)
Same shot again, minus night exposure
( comments)
More burn dancers
( comments)
Burn dancers and the..ff in the background
( comments)
Exposure drag
I love this photo ( comments)
Exposure drag2
Big fat Man! ( comments)
Phil Lee
By the glow of a light stick. ( comments)
The Man and the Burning Bush
Fireworks start to go off at the Man. ( comments)
More fireworks
( comments)
The Man Burns!
Little whirlwinds started up from the heat, you can see them on the right. ( comments)
Dancing around the bonfire
( comments)
Man on stilts
One tripup and... Oops. ( comments)
More bonfire dancing
( comments)
Cook each side for 3..tes and you're done!
( comments)
Little Nora
At the bonfire with dancer friend Nora - ash everywhere! ( comments)
Back painting
Really great dragon painting on someone's back at the bonfire ( comments)
The next day
Cleanup will begin, but not yet ( comments)
People are starting to packup and leave
( comments)
Sunrise on the Playa
( comments)
The remains of The Burn
( comments)
More remains as the sun rises
( comments)
The best ride on the Playa. Whenever you need Nekobus, she is there. Nekobus takes you wherever you need to go. ( comments)
The original Nekobus
(This one is from 'Totoro' by Studio Ghibli, the Black Rock City one is from Ontario) ( comments)
Surfing the Playa
( comments)
Surfing the Playa
In tow behind Dr. T's comfy scooter ( comments)
Jeff was the next rider after this shot, and he had a bad spill. At first we thought he was okay, but evidently he'd conked his head hard and had to be taken to the hospital. It was a frightening moment. ( comments)
The Mausoleum burns
( comments)
It took a while
to get started because the dust storms were so bad that we often couldn't even see the Mausoleum. ( comments)
Tired and exhausted.
You can't tell from this photo, but it tooks weeks to clean the dust out of my van. ( comments)
( comments)
( comments)

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You must bring enough food, water, shelter and first aid to survive one week in a harsh desert environment. Commercial vending, firearms, fireworks, rockets and all other explosives prohibited. You agree to read and abide by ALL rules in the Survival Guide. You agree to follow federal, state, and local laws. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE, Pack it in, Pack it OUT event. You are asked to contribute 2 hours of playa cleanup before departure. Commercial use of images taken at Burning Man is prohibited without the prior written consent of Burning Man. You appoint Burning Man as your representative to take actions necessary to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognizing that Burning Man has no obligation to take any action whatsoever.
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