Album:San Francisco:2001-07-21 Herrang

Herrang Dance Camp is the biggest swing dance camp in the world. It's held in the little village of Herrang in Sweden, North of Stockholm. People from all over the world travel to Herrang for 1-4 weeks of dancing and classes and sleep deprivation. It's an amazingly fun time.

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Herrang Sign Crashed
Herrang is about sleep deprivation. Mel and Chance barely made it to their beds.
Maggie Moon Shelley from Denver
stops by my section of the hallway

Vanessa eats some food
which was a scarce commodity
Vanessa Carla Heiney
demonstrates the only computer access at Herrang, in the back of the Kuggen grocery store.
Chatting in the kitchen

Eva The ladies man,
Peter Stromm in a sleepy Herrang stupor
Did I get the part?
Amelia and Gretchen are experimenting with a Herrang favorite, Emergen-C.
Emergen-C experiment
You're supposed to add water, but if you don't, it just foams up in your mouth. We also invented this recipe: Emergen-C, Coca-Cola, Pop Rocks. Mix in mouth.

tries to hold her lower jaw on after patented foaming action.
Gretchen needs sleep. Jake from Dallas
a.k.a. Curly according to Steven Mitchell
Jake walked into Pet..!" and flashed them.

Amelia laughs some more Debbie from LA
shows up
One of the dance tents
in the middle of the night
Dancing in the ballroom

Dancing Colleen
working in the Cafe which thankfully served up brownies and food till early morning
waiting for said brownies
shows off her new hairdo

Brien and Christy
and their new mime troupe
Brien and Christy Mel and Chance Mel and Chance
being cute

Mel and Chance
being silly
gets a big fork
wonders why I'm pestering her with the camera
gets to attack back

Alana and I Alana
demonstrates her monster fork
Eating at the Cafe Eva and Malin
dressed up for Olympics night

Aaron practicing in the tents Mel and Chance,
more practicing
Eating breakfast
outside the Herrang cafeteria

Owen and Zelia(sp?) Lennart and Ursula
hanging outside the massage cabin
Ursula Alana
hangs out in the middle yard, a popular place for people to hang and wait for class/food/dance

Zoe and Rachel
in the yard as well
Gretchen chatting Brien and Christy
snagged a sweet room in the back where they almost had privacy, a non-existant concept at Herrang
The Hop Shop
for buying/selling swing stuff

The Folkets Hus
where the night->morning dances were held
Bunk bed cam Gamla Stan in Stockholm translation: Old Town

With excellent little winding streets House boats
on the docks of Stockholm
Another boat
which inspired me to look into buying a boat and converting it

Boat Sliding
down the stroller ramps in the Stockholm subway was big fun.
Alana and Zoe
Herrang is almost done...
Christy and Debbie
attack Peter with cushions.
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