Album: 07-01 Foosball

     Album:2001:07-01 Foosball

On July 1st I was driving about when I saw a box with a familiar 8 holes in the side. I pulled over to take a closer look, and sure enough, someone was throwing away a foosball table! My dream come true, seeing as how I'm a pro foosball player (not).

The table was in pretty bad shape, but after some repair and a few replacement parts, it's beautiful again.

It's a SportCraft 27092 Table Soccer game, and that's where I ordered my initial parts from, but you can order a huge selection of parts from FoosBallStore, or excellent quality parts from Jim who also operates

It need some serious cleaning and fixing and a few parts, but it works great. ( comments)
Foosball Before
I found a Foosball table, just sitting by the side of the road! ( comments)
Vintage Player
( comments)
Vintage Scorekeeper
( comments)

Update 2009-09-10: In preparation for moving out, I sell the Foosball table. See you later!
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