Album:San Francisco:2001-05-25 Boston Lindy Exchange

Boston had a big Lindy Exchange. It was big fun.

The Boston Lindy Exc...(photo by Leland Ho) Natasha and Shannon, pedestrians Natasha is pissy Our ghostly reflecti...on the T-Line subway

Ooh. Artsy shot. Homeless belly guy at the Boston Commons I took a great aerial shot of the city. I lied.

Natasha sits at the wharf Boneless Chicken Slush! My favorite! I become an infobooth worker The subway in Boston is huge and open.

It's a real trip (no pun intended).. similar to a Disney ride. Natasha, pensive This is why East Coasters are so laid back.

We travel to Salem to hunt witches. Mel and Chance in Salem. Mel smiles. Shannon smiles.

Chance smiles... kind of. Chance bonks his follow on the head. This is real. I am ... making this up. Bungholes at the bunghole.

Shannon, Chance and adventure! Chance (a history ma...ponder a new career. Angry Girl
Anna Marie Panlilio
We have had adventure!

Late night at the IH...thanks Dan and Jodi) Chance and Mel's Magic Trick [movie] Dan? from Toronto? May I lick you?

Dan orders off of the kid's menu. Dorota, of course. Someone says something funny. Our host, Dave Zucker, and his tonsils.

Shannon ... umm.. Dorota, of course. Dan is swallowed by the table. He makes a valiant attempt...

but fails. Dorota, Chance, Mel, Mel's tongue I can't explain this. Anna Marie Panlilio ...fused by the camera.

DJ Larkin, confused by the camera. Chance and Mel with various mouth issues. Shauntisse (sp?) coming back to SF soon! Damon being reserved.

Lindy in the Park, Boston Style
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