Album:San Francisco:2001-05-10 Monterey

I won a free pass to Swing By The Sea in Monterey, so I went and had a blast.

Otters are damn cute. Ear cleaning. Jellyfish are not cute. Especially eery clear ones

But rays are pretty neat, actually. Monterey-016 This is me, touching a ray. It was actually allowed. Weird.

Ghosts of the sea. Really weird ghosts of the sea. Erin, Lindy and Nora...g way, incidentally) Like this guy.

My little mermaids. Little Nora, big smile. Tall Nora wanted ask her about it. Little Katie the Jack and Jill

Kelli doing the same. Kyle having a good time. Kelli and Todd, big smiles. Kevin and Emily

Big aerial. (I just... timing of the shot) Jason is judging my camera work. Kelli and DJ
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