Album: Life at Harvard Street

     Album:1994-1998 Colorado:Life at Harvard Street
Kodi at Harvard St,
in the back yard. ( comments)
The third time in my life that I danced,
with Bert at my brother's wedding.. ( comments)
(First time was at my Bar Mitzvah, second time was to Reggae in Virgin Islands - not counting high school weight change dancing) ( comments)
Laundry with Kodi at Harvard St.
( comments)
Chiquita ™ puppy.
( comments)
Bert and the "Morax" hand puppet
I made for her for storytelling/teaching (I speak for the Monkeys) ( comments)
Sometimes Cinder thought he was a dog.
( comments)
1973 VW Bus...
( comments)
Became the Magic Bus!
( comments)
Artists: Matt and Kodi T. Bear.
( comments)
Apologies to landlord
for getting paint on sidewalk :( ( comments)
Alex's family wanted
up to date photos of him, so we improvised. ( comments)
Dwarf man eaten by box!
Augh! ( comments)
I finally catch Cind..d Kodi playfighting.
( comments)
They looked like they were
kicking the shit out of each other, but the whole time their tails were wagging. ( comments)
Devil cat eats dog!
( comments)
Obsession for Dogs,
by Calvin Klein ( comments)
The spice rack
that Bert and I made. ( comments)
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