Album: 1997-1998, More Excitement

     Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1997-1998, More Excitement
My brother visits
and we go hiking. He doesn't have suitable footwear, and has to borrow some from me. ( comments)
Kodi loves hiking up in the mountains.
( comments)
Hiking up with sister-in-law April
( comments)
The top of grey rock.
( comments)
Relaxing after a hike.
(I think this is up top.) ( comments)
Cliff jumping again
( comments)
My brother leaps.
( comments)
And then me.
I'm about 6' tall, and you can't quite see the whole cliff here, so it is definitely over 60'. ( comments)
Dave leaps for the sky.
( comments)
Climbing up the side
for another jump. ( comments)
Attempting to replicate
my ski jumping experience on a snowboard [1997?]. This is Vasquez Cirque - a new hikeup area at Winter Park ( comments)
Ends in failure.
It's about a 15' drop. [photo John Tillema] ( comments)
Kodi Bear at home.
You can see that the floor is starting to get worn in a circle where we practice dancing. ( comments)
Kodi my sweet.
( comments)
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