Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1997-1998, More Excitement
My brother visits
and we go hiking. He doesn't have suitable footwear, and has to borrow some from me.
Kodi loves hiking up in the mountains. Hiking up with sister-in-law April The top of grey rock.
Relaxing after a hike.
(I think this is up top.)
Cliff jumping again My brother leaps. And then me.
I'm about 6' tall, and you can't quite see the whole cliff here, so it is definitely over 60'.
Dave leaps for the sky. Climbing up the side
for another jump.
Attempting to replicate
my ski jumping experience on a snowboard [1997?]. This is Vasquez Cirque - a new hikeup area at Winter Park
Ends in failure.
It's about a 15' drop. [photo John Tillema]
Kodi Bear at home.
You can see that the floor is starting to get worn in a circle where we practice dancing.
Kodi my sweet.
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