Album: 1997-1998, Making Stuff

     Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1997-1998, Making Stuff
As a thank you for
all her help with the flood. ( comments)
I make Corie a dress.
( comments)
From scratch,
( comments)
..which she gladly models.
( comments)
Semi-related -
I also find a vintage 40's dress hiding in an old clothing store in Illinois (where Swing had not struck yet) and pay a whopping $5 for it. ( comments)
It fits Corie perfectly,
and becomes her favorite swing dress for a while. ( comments)
I help organize a swing event at CSU,
and we bring in ~400 people. ( comments)
I make a pot rack
to match the spice rack that Bert and I made. ( comments)
Dancing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
Someone had snapped this picture of Corie and I, and then saw us years later and got us a copy. I'm wearing that damn hot 50's gangster suit my parents got me. ( comments)
After 6 years of work,
I finish my chainmail shirt. [1998?] ( comments)
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