Album:Trouble:1997-07-28 Flood

On July 28, 1997, Fort Collins, Colorado was hit with what they call a 500-year flood. The flood did over $100 million dollars of damage to CSU, which was right across the street from me..

DaveHistory has a writeup of what happened

Disaster strikes.
On July 28th, 1997 (one year anniversary of buying my house).
I end up in the path of a 1000 year flood
and Fort Collins is declared a federal disaster area.
When the flood waters come in
I dig a trench to reroute the solid flow of water, saving many $1000s (note the trebuchet frame helping hold the walls back)
I destroyed my backyard grill
for much of the trench material. Eventually it gets rebuilt.
Kodi surveying the destruction.
Ruined carpets everywhere.
Corie was a lifesaver.
This is the mess we tracked up to the second floor which was otherwise unflooded.
I spent 3 weeks, night and day
cleaning. This is the basement after the sixth cleaning.
Mr. Peterson considers helping
with the cleaning efforts.
..but then she sees the wreckage. Mold/mildew is a continual nightmare. Clean, repaint,
and it keeps returning.
The carpet & flooring
and walls and floor runners are all destroyed.
Southern Flood Map.
There was a second flood route a couple blocks North that went through my block.
This is a clip from KUSA news showing a trailer park which was hit by the floodwaters.
and post-flood repairs
New floors,..
New carpets.. New sections of drywall.. New runners.. all the rooms,
and plenty, plenty of paint.
Post-flood destruction near my house. This was a trailer p.. until it collapsed. And then, if that wa..ame in and derailed. And on the other side was a strip mall
where a gas main exploded and blew out the back half of the building.
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