Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1996, Swing dancing,
Oi oi!
Halloween '96
Corie R. becomes
part of our skate group.
And more importantly,
had the patience to teach Kale and I to Swing Dance (starting 11/8/1996), thereby changing my entire life.
Before our first dance,
after 6 weeks of practice, 6 hours a day. And we still sucked. I believe this was 1996/12/13.
Mr. P battles Cinder.. Cinder doesn't need ..nergy to fight back. My skate posse, the "Jets"
Kale, Corie, Harley, Matt, Alex, Dave and Rob
More of the Jets
and our hanger-ons: Kale, Harley, Martha, Corie, Alex, Rob, Matt, Rich, Dave, Becky, Doug
Another banana hair experiment,
Justin and Christine come to visit.
Kale and Dave "togged to the bricks"
for swing night.
Sucking air,
I learn to snowboard.
It's impossible to have too many pictures
of kittens.
Especially kittens in bags. Especially kittens in SECRET bags. Bert in the Peace Corps,
Dominican Republic.
And one of the maps she made.
Estes Park,
top of Trail Ridge Road
("little joy")
The Millenium Falcon
('79 Chevy Van) parked in front of my house, The Blue Dwarf
a.k.a. Skate Point Alpha.
When we skated campus and the cops showed up, we'd pick a skate point to rendezvous, then we'd all scatter. That's my VW Bus on the right, waiting to be sold.
Mr. Peterson wants to grow up.. be more like momma Kodi. The Mr. Petertongue, again. Swing Kid Dave
(50's gangster suit from P's)
Mr. P catches a mouse. The city plants "Ash" a Manchurian Ash
along with a bunch of trees along the block. I water and feed mine and it got much taller than this (6')
~2012 - about 15 years later
the Ash has blossomed bigger than the other Ash trees the city planted, also huge is the Lilac bush I planted next to the driveway for Bert, and the Blue Dwarf is no longer Blue!
Matt and Harley's graduation party.
As tradition, we had..t something on fire.
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