Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1996-08, Mr. Peterson
A stray shows up looking for a home. Named: Mr. Peterson
Weight: .6 pounds. Age: ~6 weeks?
Mr. Peterson wanted a mommy.
Cinder would have nothing of it.
So Mr. P approached Kodi.
And Kodi took the job.
Mr. P kept trying to nurse, but nothing came of it.
Kodi and her baby. Bert and rats Horton and Disco
came to stay with me for a summer.
Kodi and Mr. P
Mr. P is visibly upset
about the lack of dog food.
She plays like a little monkey. And she finally wins Cinder's heart. So they become friends.
And Mr. Peterson off..ember of the family. Cinder and kitten Mr. P. Mr. P was fascinated
by the moths on the front porch. I would to take her out and hold her up so that she could play with them.
The rats visiting.
Mr. Peterson often tongue stuck out.
She doesn't notice it until you touch her tongue and then she pulls it back in.
These days, when Cin.. and Mr. P fought,.. it was generally in good fun. And Mr. Peterson lov..ttack Cinder's head.
Cats. My cycle bitch. With her tongue out again. She'd often take over my helmet
if it was available.
Motorcycle cat.
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