Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1994, Moving to Colorado
Horseshoe Reservoir,
above Fort Collins
Bert atop the reservoir Pocket-sized Bert
came with me when I first moved to Colorado (at the temporary housing that HP got me - Edora St.).
One of my favorite places,
the highest point at Estes, Rocky Mountain National Park.
And it's fantastic view. My first apartment
was a basement. I couldn't find anything else that would allow all the animals I had.
Fortunately it was spacious.
(Harvard St)
Kodi and Cinder
have a rumble.
Kodi on the front lawn. Kodi poses. Bert poses
in front of my landlord's hot tub.
Justin visits.
We decide to have a banana hair experiment (using some banana extract hair conditioning goo)
The banana hair application... was so successful, that Justin left. My cubicle,
Cubicle, front view.
That chair rocks. I want that chair (the blue one). That's the best ergonomic chair ever - and it's $1000 - but it's worth it, and I can't figure out what name it was, so if you know that chair, please contact me.
My first Colorado car,
a 1974 Karmann Ghia (with my Magna in front)
I often scared the natives
(in this case, Richard Carlson and Rich Blumberg)
Chilling with beasts
back home.
Xmas at Dave's 1994
Bert at the grey sandstone thing
up I-25 near the Wyoming border.
Chris Murphy, Alex, Dave and Steph
are my first Colorado friends. This is Bert and I, whupping ass at Pictionary.
Bert and her rats, Horton and Disco
and wearing the chainmail necklace I made her.
Wumpus McGee!
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