Album: 1994, Moving to Colorado

     Album:1994-1998 Colorado:1994, Moving to Colorado
Horseshoe Reservoir,
above Fort Collins ( comments)
Bert atop the reservoir
( comments)
Pocket-sized Bert
came with me when I first moved to Colorado (at the temporary housing that HP got me - Edora St.). ( comments)
One of my favorite places,
the highest point at Estes, Rocky Mountain National Park. ( comments)
And it's fantastic view.
( comments)
My first apartment
was a basement. I couldn't find anything else that would allow all the animals I had. ( comments)
Fortunately it was spacious.
(Harvard St) ( comments)
Kodi and Cinder
have a rumble. ( comments)
Kodi on the front lawn.
( comments)
Kodi poses.
( comments)
Bert poses
in front of my landlord's hot tub. ( comments)
Justin visits.
We decide to have a banana hair experiment (using some banana extract hair conditioning goo) ( comments)
The banana hair application...
( comments)
was so successful, that Justin left.
( comments)
My cubicle,
v1.0 ( comments)
Cubicle, front view.
That chair rocks. I want that chair (the blue one). That's the best ergonomic chair ever - and it's $1000 - but it's worth it, and I can't figure out what name it was, so if you know that chair, please contact me. ( comments)
My first Colorado car,
a 1974 Karmann Ghia (with my Magna in front) ( comments)
I often scared the natives
(in this case, Richard Carlson and Rich Blumberg) ( comments)
Chilling with beasts
back home. ( comments)
Xmas at Dave's 1994
( comments)
Bert at the grey sandstone thing
up I-25 near the Wyoming border. ( comments)
Chris Murphy, Alex, Dave and Steph
are my first Colorado friends. This is Bert and I, whupping ass at Pictionary. ( comments)
Bert and her rats, Horton and Disco
and wearing the chainmail necklace I made her. ( comments)
Wumpus McGee!
( comments)
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