Album: Album:1989-1994 College:1994-05 Graduation and Summer Of Love
I graduated (after much conflict with UW) and told HP they could wait out a summer for me to go to work.

This was just about the best idea I had in my five years of college.

My friend Mitch moved into the Bassett Street House, we all played lots of Cosmic Encounter and I spent lots of time with Bert. Mitch dubbed it "The Summer Of Love."

And just weeks before graduated I met one of my biggest loves, little Bert. ( comments)
BertMonster! ( comments)
Bert was a teacher in training at UW, this is her halloween costume for school. ( comments)
And she liked bubbles. ( comments)
Bert and her dog "Punkin" who was really funny because he was balanced poorly. All his weight was in his head, so if he stopped suddenly, he'd tip forward and land on his nose. ( comments)
Kodi being eaten by Maxmillion Fantastic. ( comments)
Kodi loves all animals. Even if they crawl on her. ( comments)
With my job offer, comes my first new vehicle. My '94 Honda Magna. ( comments)
We spent a wonderful summer together, plenty of it on the back of my motorcycle. ( comments)
Our motorcyle advertisement shot ( comments)
I graduated! Here's proof! It's an empty diploma folder! ( comments)
My parental units. ( comments)
And my extended family, Grandpa Ljung on right arm and Grandpa Szabad on the right side. ( comments)
Me and my brother. He's retarded, but the institution gave him a day pass to come to my graduation. Those are his restraining shoulder belts that his wearing. ( comments)
Me and my Bert. ( comments)
Berthead. ( comments)
Shortly after, Bert and I went to my five year reunion, and I got to show her off to all the losers who went to my high school who are now all bloated and boring. It was a glorious day of sweet revenge. ( comments)
My parents weirdo cat. ( comments)
And Kodi came down to Geneva and we saw my gramps. ( comments)
My graduation cake for my party in Madison. As I ordered it. I was such a sucker, totally sold to the man. (I had the HP logo on my graduation cap when I graduated as well). I gave them far more loyalty then they ever gave me. Corporations don't have loyalty to their employees beyond the dollar - that was a valuable lesson. ( comments)
My graduation party. Mitch on guitar, Bert, my brother and Dave Whaley, Howii (I think?), myself and whatshisname (Erik's friend). Mitch is singing his famous "Dave is growing a vagina" song. ( comments)
Me and Sagittarius Excalibur. ( comments)
Kodi and Bert in the hammock. There I am, being Mr. NonSmiley again. Note Kodi's expression. She did not like the hammock much. ( comments)
Kodi and Cinder. ( comments)
Have a photo shoot. ( comments)
"Obsession... for cats... by Calvin Klein" ( comments)
Look, another B&W Kodi Bear ( comments)
B&W was good contrast for her fur. ( comments)
But she looked good in color too. This is at the apartment on Bassett street, you can see my trusty skis in the back, and a plant that I gave to Bert to take care of. We co-owned it - and I think it was named "Tim" - if I'm not mistaken. ( comments)
My Bear sitting on the sectional couch that I got from Katie Ross. That was the only good thing I got out of that relationship. ( comments)
My Bear, posing some more. ( comments)
She really loved s.. it. 100% snow dog. ( comments)
And she kind of liked her bone too, but mostly she gnawed at it for my sake. ( comments)
So, one day Bert's b.. Kevin was visiting. And we were driving around and asked Kev what he wanted to do. ( comments)
He jokingly said to ..t's paint your car!" and we all laughed. ( comments)
And a few seconds later, I said, "ummm.. actually, why don't we?" ( comments)
I painted the trunk. And quite seriously, it is the painting/drawing thing that I am most proud of. ( comments)
Friend Erik painted the roof, all modern art like. ( comments)
And Kevin did the sides. ( comments)
And I walked some shoeprints around to match the 'feet' and handprints of the trunkman. ( comments)
And Bert did the hood. ( comments)
Bert is big into and happy things. ( comments)
She was immensely proud of her new car. ( comments)
A week or so later, some fucking genius.. ( comments)
...thought it would be great to destroy something. ( comments)
**We** don't get it? Really? Are you sure it's not the other way around? ( comments)
And my work of art on the trunk was destroyed. ( comments)
I spent four hours scraping the paint off. It turned out to be unnecessary because Bert just overpainted the top half of the car Blue, but I think it was therapeutic for me. I suppose I can find some bitter consolaton in knowing that by now, the people who did this are probably in the gutter or in jail somewhere. ( comments)
Cinder and Kodi. ( comments)
All the beasts in my zoo, Kodi, Max and Sag, and Cinder trying to escape. ( comments)
These photo sessions didn't last long. Kodi got curious about Max, and Sag wanted to 'play' with Cinder. ( comments)
I often just snuggled with Bear though. ( comments)
I took a road trip down to see Justin at UofI, Champaign. ( comments)
For reasons unclear, we decided to head East at immensely high speed to go to Indianapolis. ( comments)
We had some impressi..s would be exciting. It was not. It was basically a ghost town. Justin rode this lion though. Those are our motorcycles parked willy-nilly on the street. ( comments)
We could park nobody was there. Although we did later meet some hippies who were playing in the fountain. They were just travelling through and were also surprised that all life had vanished. It was like a Twilight Zone episode. ( comments)
I search for life from upon high. ( comments)
Bert in a tree. ( comments)
Mitch went to the UK for a bit. ( comments)
Till they came in the night and threw him out of the country. ( comments)
One of our last Cosmic Encounter sessions, Mike, Dave, Mitch (taking photo), Howii and Brocolli Head. ( comments)
..from the perspective of Mitch's feet ( comments)
This here is one sexy kiss photo. ( comments)
With a girl with a sexy belly. ( comments)
We used to just driv..ycle around Madison, it's a great city for that. One of our favorite rides was to circle around the Arboreteum. ( comments)
Another kiss. ( comments)
We also used to play with sidewalk chalk. That's Kodi, Dave and Bert. ( comments)

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