Album: Album:1989-1994 College:1994-01 Senior Year ][+!
I graduated after five years. I have never in my life met anyone who graduated from engineering at UW-Madison in four years - I had a friend who did it in four and half, and he took summer school.

In fact, the graduation requirements handbook they gave us EE majors had an example schedule for some mythical student who graduated in four years. One year I actually went through it and found out that it was missing some requirements and wouldn't actually qualify for graduation.

And actually, I started my Senior ][+ year in August of 1993, but I evidently didn't take any photos during the first semester..

The apartment at Basset Street, where I lived during year five. I loved that apartment. Those are my windows overlooking the downstairs front porch. ( comments)
And it had a lion on the front stoop. It's nice having a concrete lion protect your entry. ( comments)
This is Paula B's hand. ( comments)
My Bear in B&W again. ( comments)
I kiss my dog on the lips. ( comments)
One day in June or July in Madison it started snowing, due to some freak weather occurrence. ( comments)
Kodi loves snow in a way that cannot be fully explained here, so we went out and tromped around in the slush. She was ecstatic. ( comments)
These photos are part of a collection... ( comments)
..that I like to call "The Blue Period" - I am not very good at smiling on camera, so for a while I just gave up at it. ( comments)
One hairy, one hairless. ( comments)
One of my senior projects was a team project to design a CPU and test it with Xilinx chips. We invented the "Baba XMS" chip, and one day I doodled the layout on an Etch-A-Sketch. I managed to carefully scan it (on an upside down scanner), and this became our cover page. ( comments)
I got a site intervi..from Hewlett-Packard in Colorado ( comments)
So I flew out to Colorado and spent some time looking around my future home. ( comments)
This is Horsetooth Reservoir. ( comments)
I had the damage waiver on the car, so I went up into the mountains a ways and pushed the car a bit to it's limits. I didn't have any problems, so I didn't get to exercise the damage waiver after all. ( comments)
I found this partially frozen river out in the middle of the mountains. I love mountains. ( comments)
On the way back I just pulled over and scrambled up one of the mountains that contains Horsetooth and took a photo. The next mountain you see on the right is where I used to do some shorter cliff jumping, and is also where Maxmillion and Sagittarius were eventually buried. ( comments)

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