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Over XMas break in 1993 I went to the Virgin Islands with my family, and then rushed off to France to hang out with Carrie for a couple weeks.

My family went to the Virgin Islands for Christmas (93?), courtesy of my generous gramps ( comments)
And this little guy ..ught I was the bomb. ( comments)
And I made friends w..g'uns at the resort, on the right is Leslie, a very cool person who was celebrating her engagement. I wonder whatever happened to her. ( comments)
And I had a serious crush on this girl, though I can't even remember her name. ( comments)
I rented a jeep and explored the island, which was extremely fun. I almost got hit by a drunk driver who flipped his car over when he veered into the mountain side coming right towards me. ( comments)
And this cow blocked..rance to the resort. I love cows. ( comments)
Then I flew to Paris to visit Carrie where she was studying abroad for a year. ( comments)
And Kodi came with. ( comments)
She was actually quite happy. It was the first time we got to be together 24 hours a day. They love dogs in France, so she came sightseeing and on the Metro subway and into restaurants and museums with us. ( comments)
Carrie on some sculpture. ( comments)
The little sculpture at the doorway to her apartment. ( comments)
The excavation site of the Globe Theater. Carrie is a ren faire geek, so this kind of thing is exciting. ;) ( comments)
Smooching at the base of the Eiffel Tower, which has probably seen more kisses than any other large steel structure. ( comments)
The view of some highway in Paris. I thought it was a neat photo at the time. ( comments)
And we went to London. In London we visited Tania who I had befriended in the Virgin Islands. ( comments)
Carrie at the Louvre. ( comments)
Outside the pyramid that is the Louvre main entrance in the center yard. (Not to mention upside-down as well) ( comments)
Look, I'm taking pictures of reflections. I'm an artiste! ( comments)
Bear and Carrie having a rumpus in her dinky apartment. ( comments)
And I mean dinky. This is the smallest apartment of all time. The shower was in the corner next to the sink by the kitchen. All of this was a couple feet from the bed. Dinky dinky. And I loved that sweater, and I think Carrie stole it. ;) ( comments)

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