Album: Album:1989-1994 College:1993-01-13 Kodi T. Bear

And then there was Kodi T. Bear. ( comments)
When I first brought her home she was originally named "Akita Puppy" while I tried to figure out what to call her. ( comments)
I love cows, so my friend Mel took a picture of her in a cow pasture. That's a good friend. ( comments)
Kodi starting to grow up, being smothered by me and Dana and her boy. ( comments)
Dana and Kodi (again with the squishing) and I. ( comments)
Kodi often had to put up with my nonsense, which is why she turned out to be such a patient dog. ( comments)
Kodi getting bigger (puppy fur gone but ears still folded!) ( comments)
And yet she's still barely able to see over the coffee table (at Keith's house) ( comments)
But she's happy anyways. ( comments)
Kodi getting even bigger (ears standing up!) ( comments)
But she's still tiny! (at Mel's room) ( comments)
Kodi bouncing across.. parent's front lawn ( comments)
Playing chase with me - this was her favorite game when she was little. ( comments)
Carrie and I visited my parents (Thanksgiving??) and brought little Bear ( comments)
Carrie working at th..tol Renaissance Fair ( comments)
Me and My Bear. She was a good dog because she loved me even though my hair took forever to grow out of this state. Look at how small she is! ( comments)
Tiny Bear puppy. ( comments)
I drew my life story (so far) on the wall of my bedroom right before my parents were going to tear it down to extend the den. Here it all is. ( comments)
Gramps and Grandma Szabad (I believe this is the last picture taken of Grandma) ( comments)
Gramps was always a dog person. I was always a cat person. He got me my first dog who I fell in love with, and he ended up getting a cat which he fell in love with. Such are the influence of wild beasts in our family. ( comments)
Speaking of wild beasts, this is my baby when her ears were finally starting to stand up. Note semi-ironic bumper sticker on wall. ( comments)
My bear posing ( comments)
in her fake competition pose. ( comments)
Black and White Bear ( comments)
Kodi is officially the most beautiful dog. ( comments)
Me and my Bear ( comments)
She was very good at 'stay' ( comments)
And would have been a great show dog ( comments)
Cow Crossing [photo Keith] ( comments)
The Cow. [photo Keith] ( comments)
Carrie and I went up to her parent's land for the weekend ( comments)
And played on the swing ( comments)
And ran through the woods. ( comments)
And generally frollicked. ( comments)
Though Kodi had to g..ting the tall weeds. ( comments)
But Kodi loves the outdoors. ( comments)
Back in Madison at my downstairs neighbors apartment, during some random party they had. ( comments)
My seductress lolita friend, Laura was a big troublemaker back then. She's a little less of a troublemaker now. :) ( comments)
Bear in B&W ( comments)

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