Album: Album:1989-1994 College:1991-12 Destruction and Love
I broke some cars and fell in love (not with the cars..)

My parents were so happy that I sold the Triumph that they gave me the family station wagon. A tough change from a convertible. I hated that car. And it hated me, too. After running up enormous mechanic bills, it finally died on me exactly 100 miles from home driving back from Bryan L.'s wedding. ( comments)
I found out that it was worth $40 for parts and $20 for scrap. ( comments)
I took the $20 and trashed the car. ( comments)
The cops showed up and after I proved to them that it was indeed my car, they thought it was pretty funny. Madison is a great town. ( comments)
There's supposed to be a dashboard there. ( comments)
But it ain't no more. ( comments)
It's amazing how little damage a sledgehammer does to a car, actually. ( comments)
And it's amazing how much damage a tree does to a car. After the station wagon I decided I needed a reliable car, like an 80's Toyota Corolla. ( comments)
But before the title even arrived in the mail, I was caught by surprise by a street that was suddenly covered with hundreds of feet of sheer ice. I whacked a tree at around 45 mph. ( comments)
When the ambulance came to get me (broken nose and generally ouchiness), the cops told me they weren't going to ticket me because the accident wasn't my fault. ( comments)
I suppose that's some relief. ( comments)
I had just dropped m..end Kim off at home. She had been sitting in the passenger seat, and here you can see the tire where her legs had been just 10 minutes prior. ( comments)
The whole car was twisted. ( comments)
Andrea K. My first real love. ( comments)
Andrea and her friends going to a costume party. ( comments)
Ferret pile! Scooter, Maxmillion Fantastic, Nina and Sagittarius Excalibur. ( comments)
When I got Sagittarius to keep Max company she had a sister (Scooter) who ended up being bought by my new friend Chris, who ended up getting Nina and then plenty more ferrets. ( comments)

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