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I went to UW-Madison.

It rocked in such a massive way that all Madisonians are given super powers when they leave. It's from the light of your yellow sun.

My photos are fairly disparate because I didn't realize the value of visually chronicling my life just yet. Apologies, dear viewer, for this discontinuity.

Bascom Hill ( comments)
Lake Mendota ( comments)
Deb E. and Leigh P. in my freshman dorm room (The Langdon), which was rather palatial because I switched to a single after a couple of months of living with a ridiculous roommate, but the dorm didn't have any singles left, so they gave me a double (full-size room) for the same price. Rock! ( comments)
Over the summer, I ended up hanging out with Kim B. and Andy Gordiner (a.k.a. "Psycho"). We used to blow shit up. A couple of years later I briefly dated Kim's sister, who then ended up marrying one of my high school lunch friends Gavin who was also good friends with Andy. Weird. ( comments)
Maxmillion Fantastic T. Ferret attacks a caution streamer. ( comments)
Maxmillion burrows away ( comments)
Sagittarius Excalibur eating some food and licking her lips. ( comments)
My friend Keith got a wonderful dog named Angus The Puppy. I didn't like dogs until I met Angus, and he changed my mind. ( comments)
Angus and a stray lab I found (that I almost kept) were the turning point that made me decide to get a dog. ( comments)
Cyndi and I pose at one of her Halloween parties. I was dressed as a terrorist, with a blinking bomb strapped to my chest (not shown in photo). This was back when you could make jokes like that. Those glasses are hot, by the way. ( comments)
My gramps moved out of his big house and he gave the family Ford Model A to my dad. So my dad and I (and Maxmillion Fantastic T. Ferret) drove up to Minnesota to pick it up. My gramps does not normally dress like that - there was a parade that day. ( comments)
Another Halloween photo (1992) with friend Justin and (??) from Illinois. My costume has evolved to a very unhappy and disturbed clown (still with the ticking time-bomb). ( comments)
I had to sell the Triumph because it's maintenance was costing too much. As a consolation prize, I bought my first motorcycle ( comments)
A Kawasaki 440LTD. In the background is my Honda Spree scooter which I totally loved until some scumbag stole it, and the Model A is in front (over Sophomore? summer break back in Illinois) ( comments)
Dana Fields a great friend throughout College. We both lived at the Langdon and I think we met playing Monopoly. One of our favorite pasttimes was to chat all night while sitting in the dorm elevators. ( comments)
I started to unicycle again. And my parents took a photo of me when they came up to visit. ( comments)
I'm finally starting to grow my hair out which is eventually a good look for me. Not yet. ( comments)
We went to the zoo, and there were these cute mini-deer in this large fenced off area. People could reach in but the deer always stayed out of reach no matter how they were called. Since I understand animals better than people, I talked to one for a bit until he came over and hung out with me. ( comments)
I got my first apartment at 314 N. Broom St, Sophomore through Senior One. It's the middle house, the third floor front windows. ( comments)
I met Mike Lusignan in a geek class (Data Structures or AI, I don't recall) and we ended up becoming good friends and finally lived together my second senior year. This is Mike wearing his periodic table shirt that had glow in the dark radioactive elements. He was particularly proud of it. :) ( comments)

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