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High School sucked so much it's not even funny.

Almost all these photos are from Senior year, actually

School bus pass ( comments)
Another bus pass. But here's the important bit. Check out the dates on these two bus passes. This is my senior year, and the last one was exactly one year before, my Junior year. I was driving a car then. Yup. ( comments)
Here are the photos next to each other. Guess the ages! ( comments)
Senior year locker. That big watch/clock was something I won when I was a kid in a McDonald's drawing contest. You can also see the side of a phone I mounted in my locker as a joke, and an old 8mm camera on the top shelf that I had rigged up to start filming whenever the door was open. I never put film in it, unfortunately. ( comments)
Bryan Leake, my geek comrade throughout High School ( comments)
Butterscotch and Cinder (The First) ( comments)
Again.. ( comments)
When they first met, they didn't get along.. ( comments)
Butterscotch the Tiger ( comments)
Cinder (The First) strolling along the outdoor deck ( comments)
Butterscotch Naps ( comments)
Joe This is the only picture I ever took of Joe. I didn't realize this until his death, and this foolish oversight led me to start taking photos and building a photo album. ( comments)
Sheila J. My first big high school crush that actually talked to me (though she didn't admit to me she liked me until after I professed my love and given up - typical high school romance) ( comments)
The lunch crowd. Us geeks made our own table, and I took this photo my senior year when I was leaving. The far left is Beth/Bee Edwards (Laura's sis), one of my best friends Bryan next in the denim, little Adam Bochar standing up (though it doesn't look like it - he was almost as short as I was until my Senior year), Bob Martinez sitting in the center, Gavin Hayes top center (became a fireman), James Keyser-Andre ( comments)
Sitting on top of Gramps house in Scarsdale, NY ( comments)
In life we sometimes meet people who wish us well, and sometimes those who don't care... ( comments)
..If you're really unlucky, then you'll meet someone who wants to cause you suffering. ( comments)
..Usually they let you know, but sometimes they hide it really well, perhaps to make it last longer. Who knows. ( comments)
..Hopefully you'll n..t someone like that, or if you do, hopefully you'll be smart enough or wise enough to spot them. ( comments)
Katie Ross. ( comments)
While Kate Ross was in my life I grew quite fond of her cats, Meowser (front) and particularly Mushu Mundi (who was someday to be ours). In the middle are two stuffed rabbits: Cinder (named after my cat) and DaveyRabbit (the huge one, which I made) ( comments)
Perusing the classifieds I saw an ad for the Triumph TR3, one of my favorite cars. I went to look at it and bartered $3150 for what became my first car, a 1960/61 Triumph TR3A. ( comments)
It was beautiful. ( comments)
And after driving it,.. ( comments)
It quickly became my favorite car. ( comments)
Posing in my homemad..d Hobbes sweatshirt. Best shirt I ever made. Hobbes wrapped all the way around the back. I'm pretty sure Kate or Kate's brother stole it. ( comments)
With the roof. ( comments)
The rather flimsy (and expensive) "Side Curtains" which are snap on windows. ( comments)
My best friend, Justin Lassy. ( comments)
At my graduation party. (That's Sheila in the foreground left, and my mom working over the sink on the far right) ( comments)
Safety Glass. I found a sheet of safety glass in the construction trash. I convinced my dad to snap a photo at the moment I snapped a corner off the edge of the glass with pliers. Safety glass is cool - the entire thing shatters the moment any part of it is broken. ( comments)
My senior photo Dave on a Unicycle ( comments)
High School Graduation Party featuring my brother's band and friends Justin, Sheila, Bochar, Gordiner, Brian, etc... as well as appearances by Satan! [Video by neighbor Frye, 47M] ( comments)

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