Album: Album:1971-1984 Childhood
I grew up in Connecticut and then in Illinois.

Connecticut is beautiful, Illinois is not.

(In case you wanted to know)

6:55pm, central time
I was born. December 3rd, 1971. ( comments)
My mom used to make a Chocolate Mousse Pie. I loved it. Clearly. Probably about 14 months old in this one. ( comments)
I loved to swim, so my parents abandoned me at the local pool (not true). Probably ~8 months. ( comments)
Toddler Dave ( comments)
Damn I'm sexy fine! ( comments)
Dave explains the mysteries of the Universe ( comments)
Static Dave! My dad used to give us a static charge and stick us to the ceiling. [not true] ( comments)
I'm a sailor now! ( comments)
Check out those pants! ( comments)
My first loves, Butterscotch (top) and Cinder (The First) ( comments)
Me and my cat, Butterscotch ( comments)
Synchronized Diving My brother (left) and I jump off the high dives at the Scarsdale pool while visiting Grandparents. I think that's actually my Grandma and mother on the bench in the back. ( comments)
Gramp's House. Making a phone call with my brother. ( comments)
The Hunters My brother, my cousin George and I made some bows and arrows from sticks and strings whilst visiting our Grandparents. Mostly they were total flops, but I found a longbow and a perfect arrow to match, and we shot the thing a hundred feet a number of times until the arrow got stuck in a tree. Woe is us. ( comments)
Dave the Boy Scout. Some parade in Geneva. I'm the boy scout on the furthest left, and my dad is to the left of me looking at me. Eric Carter is barely showing, right in front of his mom with the yellow shirt on the right side. Eric's got super-bright yellow shoe laces. ( comments)
School portrait. First grade maybe. Actually, probably later, much later. I didn't look this old in the first grade - see the 1979 photo below. Nice hair. I still love vests. ( comments)
1976 Bicentennial. I think this was for Halloween. My mom made my brother and I matching outfits, they were the bomb. I recall we entered a costume contest at school, and my brother won and I did not. We were wearing exactly the same costume. Typical of my childhood experience. ( comments)
Glasses School portrait. Umm.. Again, nice glasses. ( comments)
Braces Okay, so I've lost the glasses but gained braces. It took time. ( comments)
That is one sporty Izod. Probably about 8. And showing my childhood love for penny loafers, probably the only thing I inherited from my brother. ( comments)
Dorkola Um... Yup. ( comments)
Whitewater That's me in the black/red fisherman's hat. We're whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon - that's my pops with the paddle. ( comments)
Waterfall I put my camera in a ziplock bag and swam inside a dark cave that had water pouring over the entrance, took out the camera and took this photo while treading water. ( comments)
Camping in Door County 1979 (either Potawatomi Park (nicer) or Peninsula park) ( comments)
Fourth Street School. 1979-1980. [[Kevin Cox, David Park, Eric Carter, Inger Olson, April Burge, David Ljung, Jim?, Tom Shaw, Julie Canale, Alex Long, Marc Hansen, Jenny Swain, Tim Fintzen, ?, Dina Sisto, Stacy Schrock, ??, Vic Mehren, Barton Koop, ??, Dawn Ringstad, Leda Brewer, ??, Mrs. Perkins, Mr. Ron Anderson, ??]] ( comments)
Fifth Grade with Mr. Collins [[Marc Hansen, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Collins, Barton Koop, Alec Vonderlac, Heather Jeske, April Burge, Kevin Cox, Shelly Charhut, ??, Young Arnold, Christy Boelter, ??, Curt Opperman, Holle Cesarone, Brett Wittenberg, Stacey Schrock, Eric Johnson, Dina Sisto, Davin Wickstrom, Jennie Franta, ??, ??, Kevin Miller, David Ljung, Dawn Hoff, Jared Beaber, Jennifer Swain, Tom Shaw]] ( comments)
My first computer We finally got an Apple ][. My brother monopolized it at first, so I spent lots of time watching him use the computer, until finally I realized I could use it in the middle of the night when everyone else was sleeping. For reasons that are still not clear to me, I loved the Dallas Cowboys even though I never watched any football. Near as I can tell, my brother was playing loderunner when this was taken. ( comments)
Fort! Dad built this supercool fort in our backyard. I think that's Matt Cook second from left, then my brother, then me. Don't know who the first kid on the left is (Greg?). It looks like I'm playing harmonica, which would be the Harmonica that was given to me by Ray, a nice older man who went whitewater rafting with us. ( comments)
Ahab the Arab We went to Israel when I was 12. I bought one of these headdresses and everyone called me Ahab the Arab. How offensive is that? ( comments)
Dave the Jew This is my Bar Mitzvah photo with my gramps. According to Jewish law, I'm now a man. ( comments)
Superdorkola That's me, being superdork, watching my brother play piano. Nice glasses. Who would've figured I would turn out so damn fine? ( comments)
We made puppets in the second grade. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, so the teacher let me stay back there for most of the day working on my puppet instead of doing class. ( comments)
This is a shirt I made, and it is clearly the Awesome. There might be some continuity errors with the Tie Fighter shooting at the LandSpeeder, but I consider that poetic license. ( comments)
And the best part is the back of the shirt, where I let people know that I'm walking away. ( comments)
I was a cub scout. And I got 3rd place in the Grand Prix, though I was robbed - the way they ran the finals didn't follow single-elimination and didn't make sense, and ensured that I couldn't get second place. Bastards! ( comments)
This is, basically, the coolest jacket ever. It has more patches than your jacket does. ( comments)
The Mississippi headwaters with my cousins. That's me on the left walking into the water, and Jonna and Todd hovering over Eli up front. Probably 1984-1985?? ( comments)
Many years later they start to tear down my Junior High School. ( comments)
Hallelujah! (bastards) (taken in 2013) ( comments)

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