Album: 2008-03-24 Citrus

     Album:1553 Fulton St,:Plants:2008-03-24 Citrus
My neighbor
cleared out the overgrown shrub on the front side of the house, and I planted two new plants down in the soil ( comments)
And the front of the house
finally got cleaned up and got a bunch of test plants, plus some succulents that a silly neighbor was throwing away. ( comments)
Haley brought me some dwarf citrus trees!
A Nagami Kumquat, a Rangpur Lime (the tiny orange ones) and a Meyer Lemon tree. ( comments)
The Kumquat
(which is delicious) ( comments)
And some of the new plants
along the fence ( comments)
And back by the palm
(a $10 find at Lucky's Grocery) ( comments)
And in a planter..
( comments)
And by the back fence.
( comments)
Near the succulent explosion!
Thanks to the dead succulent stalk, which flowered before dying. ( comments)
Haley picks some citrus
( comments)
Which Dave squeezes..
( comments)
To make tasty virgin mojitos
( comments)
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