Album: 2008-02-23 Succulent-Overload

     Album:1553 Fulton St,:Plants:2008-02-23 Succulent Overload

I found someone on Craigslist who had to clear all of his succulents off of his deck. Since we love succulents, I took the whole collection (about 80 or so plants!) and brought it home, more than doubling our backyard succulent collection.
I manage to fit almo..he plants in my car.
Interestingly I see a "" photo car drive by, so maybe this photo will go on the net as a street view. ( comments)
Amoebae examines
the new collection ( comments)
Mr. P
hides in the new jungle ( comments)
A happy sunshiney cat in plants
( comments)
Another satisfied cat
in the sun. ( comments)
The left side of the deck,
with the "cacti steps" and the "succulent shelves" ( comments)
The front of the deck.
( comments)
Haley lounges amongst the plants
( comments)
The front of the deck
showing some of the succulents on the ground (mostly lost in the greenery) ( comments)
The entire deck
(from the slide). ( comments)
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