Album: 2007-06-03 Indoor-Plants

     Album:1553 Fulton St,:Plants:2007-06-03 Indoor Plants

I have a bunch of plants.

This is an inventory of the indoor plants.

The front of the house,
umbrella plant and a bunch of free plants, as well as the Dwarf Banana tree and Peace Lily from Co. My fortune tree is in the back on the floor, getting big and tall. ( comments)
There were a bunch of abandoned plants
on the front porch. Only the Umbrella tree made it. ( comments)
The back corner
( comments)
On the shelves,
an Orchid (from the Swiss lady who I got many of the backyard plants from) a bamboo and two shoots from the original Dwarf Banana tree. ( comments)
Back corner,
a free plant, a Ficus, another banana shoot, an Orchid, some catnip that the cats haven't discovered yet, and the succulent/cactus nursery (courtesy cheap hardware stores) ( comments)
The kitchen sink,
a couple succulents on the top including Squiggles the Lobster, Esq., the hanging succulent. The shelf is a planting of green Shiso (not sprouted) next to Red Shiso (bought @ Santa Cruz farmer's market), next to Haley's succulents, the frog cactii that her mom gave me, and the Jade that I resurrected when S. Lerner moved. ( comments)
Kitchen back corner,
the herb garden (rosemary, thai basil, chives, basil, oregano, thyme), a hanging succulent and the Jade that grew from a little cutting that Bert's dad gave us. ( comments)
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