Album: New Owners

     Album:1553 Fulton St,:New Owners

Over 6 years after moving out, I finally meet the new owners.

They spent two years rebuilding the place and the changes are amazing. For those who remember the Fun House: The stairs behind the garage are gone. There is a new staircase under the stairs going up that go down to the garage. The downstairs bedroom is now a single room with a studio kitchen (an in-law) with (finally) nice windows to the back yard. The back porch is gone (the city forced them to remove it). The weird room behind the kitchen is gone (some of the house was shortened and some became part of an even larger kitchen) and the kitchen now has lots of windows and light.

The new owners
( comments)
The new entry.
So much nicer, and a hidden hallway is recovered! ( comments)
The back yard,
the Yucca tree I planted has become huge (it has a second trunk in the back) and the back left corner of succulents has thrived. The fence on the right side is currently out for rebuilding. ( comments)
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